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Chefs at Diamonds Athuruga Maldives

The 2 Michelin Chef Andrea Berton and 14 famous guests Chefs from all over the Europe from JRE Association that will be cooking at Diamonds Athuruga from January to April 2019 and in August 2019. JRE Chefs combine extraordinary talent, a deep passion for cuisine, a love of local produce, and a strong sense of tradition. Their cooking expertise paired with the outstanding atmosphere of their restaurants offers a truly incredible experience. Each Chef, each week will delight guests with Gourmet Gala Dinner, Show Cooking and Chef’s Table. Andrea Berton will have a special program, including four-hands dinner with Enrico Cerea, 3 Michelin Stars.

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Michael Kammermeier

Nationality: Germany
From 06/01/2019 to 14/01/2019

He is the young head chef at the Michelin star restaurant ENTE, whose popularity has spread further afield than the state capital to the entire Rhine-Main region and beyond. Since joining ENTE in 2006 the chef de cuisine Michael Kammermeier has been heading up the restaurant with remarkable success, presenting his very own interpretation of exquisite, straightforward classic European cuisine with a very personal touch. Before joining the ENTE in Wiesbaden he gained both national and international experience with a number of renowned top chefs.


Nationality: Slovenia
From 13/01/2019 to 21/01/2019

A self-taught cook, she helms the kitchen of Hiša Franko, a beautiful countryside house&estate which refuses to be a classical hotel or a fine dining restaurant: it is simply Hiša Franko, your home, the place where Ernest Hemingway wrote his famous novel ‘Farwell to the arms’. In 2017 she was named world’s best female chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy. Her cooking style features innovative remaking of traditional recipes from the upper Soča valley region, prepared with local ingredients.

Tanja Pintaric

Nationality: Slovenia
From 20/01/2019 to 28/01/2019

She represents the fourth generation of the Rajh family, who took over the management of the traditional family inn, with the restaurant Gostilna Rajh, which could be described as an embassy of the Slovenian cuisine and gastronomy. Although she has preserved the traditional dishes from the Prekmurje region, she slightly reformulated the recipes in order to give a modern twist to them. The beauty and expansiveness of the countryside produces a way of life that combines hundreds of flavours and possibilities in a uniquely imaginative cuisine.

Lisa Calcus

Nationality: Belgium
From 27/01/2019 to 04/02/2019

After working for 18 years at the restaurant Les Gribaumonts in Angre, where she obtained the rewards ‘Great of tomorrow’ by Gault & Millau in 2009 and ‘Golden Whip’ Vif Guide, in 2011 she started a new adventure for Les Gribaumonts in a brand new establishment in Mons. Her cooking style may be described as creative, based on fresh products of first quality and a very seductive presentation of menus, in harmony with the flavors of matching wines from around the world. In 2012 she was awarded   by the national   title of ‘Lady Chef of the Year’ in Belgium.

Ksenija Mahorčič

Nationality: Slovenia
From 03/02/2019 to 11/02/2019

She runs the family style restaurant Gostilna Mahorčič, located in a region with a rich culinary tradition. Herkitchen tells the story of small producers and producers of the local environment. Her cooking style characterizes the region and its traditions, taking into account contemporary possibilities. Her dream is that one day her philosophy will become a traditional value.

Kars van Wechem

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 10/02/2019 to 18/02/2019

After working at the Librije for years, Kars wants to set his own course. In 2007 he opens his own restaurant, De Saffraan, located at the ‘Hope for Prosperity’ a 100 year old clipper, which is completely converted into restaurant. His aim is to further develop tastes, preparation temperatures, textures and perfecting the dishes and all his menus are based on farm-fresh products of high quality. Quality, creativity, craftsmanship and a lot of enthusiasm are the key for his kitchen.

Pietro D'Agostino

Nationality: Italy
From 17/02/2019 to 25/02/2019

After travelling the world and cooking for famous Guests as the Queen Elisabeth and the Sultan of Brunei, in 2003 he goes back to his homeland, Sicily, to open in Taormina the restaurant La Capinera, situated on the most beautiful stretch of coastline in Baia delle sirene with a delightful sea view. His cooking style is mainly based on the best local products of Sicily to offer a simple and genuine kitchen, that evokes the aromas and flavours of the past. He is the most representative example of the Sicilian gastronomic culture and his talent brought him to obtain 1 Michelin star.

Davide Botta

Nationality: Italy
From 24/02/2019 to 04/03/2019

A journey begun many years ago, when he was a child and his parents, passionate about cooking, took him to the best restaurants of the world, and a choice against the current: from Michelin-starred restaurants to a mill in Verona. Davide Botta is the patron chef at L’Artigliere Ristorante con Locanda, located in Isola della Scala, housed in an old rice gristmill dated back to 1612. Moving from the countryside, he added new stimuli into the kitchen, especially after discovering some local raw materials, as the rice, the most important ingredient of his kitchen, whose now he is also a producer.

Denis Schmitt

Nationality: Switzerland
From 03/03/2019 to 11/03/2019

Since 2012, he is the Director and head Chef of the Michelin star restaurant Le Murenberg in the community of Bubendorf. Le Murenberg is a restaurant which focuses on the essentials and combines the pleasant, unobtrusive elegant ambiance with a daily offer of creative and fresh dishes.

Raymond Cornelissens

Nationality: France
From 10/03/2019 to 18/03/2019

He works at the Restaurant Le Vauban in Antibes, in the South of France, where it’s possible to taste a market cuisine, with fresh products and menus made in accordance with the seasons. Here he shares with his Guests the pleasures of the beautiful surroundings and the good cuisine at the feet of the «vénérable» wall, overlooking the garden in the hall, or in the terrace’s court yard, overshaded by the farm.

Paweł Dołżonek

Nationality: Poland
From 17/03/2019 to 25/03/2019

He is faithful guardian of Polish cuisine, seeker of flavors and inspiration in an untainted environment. At the Gourmet Restaurant 1906 you can find pure poetry instead of prose together with the signature of the chef himself. He always reaches his goal by trying, seeking and combining new ingredients, flavors and spices due to his knowledge, experience and culinary intuition. He will take you far away, drawing from the regional wealth of nearby forests, rough Baltic waters or crops from the Palace’s organic garden.

Mark Jarvis

Nationality: United Kingdom
From 24/03/2019 to 01/04/2019

Having worked in kitchens since he was 16, Mark Jarvis started at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in 2005 where he was to stay for three years. Part of a line-up of young talent working under Raymond Blanc at the time, Mark cooked alongside the likes of Agnar Sverrisson, Robin Gill and Ollie Dabbous before being entrusted with the opening of Blanc’s pub, The Thatch. Mark’s first restaurant, Anglo, is the manifestation of his own experiences and his desire to create a restaurant with all the elegance of fine dining, with none of the pretention.

Heribert Dietrich

Nationality: Switzerland
From 31/03/2019 to 08/04/2019

The restaurant Gasthaus Höhwald, located in the small Walser village of Monbiel at 1300 m altitude, under his management has been awarded one Michelin star and 15 points in the Gault and Millau Guide. He offers a regional and authentic cuisine, using local products from natural production. The ingredients protagonist of his dishes are sourced from suppliers who share his sustainability philosophy.

Markus Pape

Nationality: Germany
From 07/04/2019 to 15/04/2019

He has worked and managed some of the most decorated establishments in Germany before choosing to settle down with us in his culinary homeland. Markus Pape’s cooking is influenced by his grandmother who gave him the special sense of the pleasure from the native garden. Since 2013, Pape has spoiled the guests of the Meisenheimer Hof with regional delicacies, just like his grandmother used to do, but at a gourmet level.

Tobias Bätz

Nationality: Germany
From 14/04/2019 to 22/04/2019

Tobias Bätz is a real pleasure craftsman. He and his team at Alexander Herrmann restaurant know how to surprise and delight their guests with new flavors. Together with the host Alexander Hermann Tobias Bätz has won one of the much sought-after Michelin stars. What is particularly important to him is what path his food has taken before they stew in his pot. Quality, sustainability, regionalism and the producers play a big role in the stove for the top chef.

Iside de Cesare

Nationality: Italy
From 04/08/2019 to 19/08/2019

After numerous work experiences in the firmament of Italian restaurants, in 2005 Iside arrived in Trevinano, a peaceful village perched between Lazio, Tuscany and Umbria, and opened La Parolina, the restaurant that Iside and his husband Romano have always dreamed and desired, combining the pleasure of the table and conviviality. The young and talented chef received the Michelin star and she has been chosen as Director of the Italian Kitchen Academy.