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Chefs at Diamonds Thudufushi Maldives

The 3 Michelin Chef Enrico Cerea and the 14 famous guests Chefs from all over the Europe from JRE Association will be cooking at Diamonds Thudufushi from January to April 2019 and in August 2019. JRE Chefs combine extraordinary talent, a deep passion for cuisine, a love of local produce, and a strong sense of tradition. Their cooking expertise paired with the outstanding atmosphere of their restaurants offers a truly incredible experience. Each Chef, each week will delight guests with Gourmet Gala Dinner, Show Cooking and Chef’s Table. Enrico Cerea will have a special program, including four-hands dinner with Andrea Berton, 2 Michelin Stars.

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Saša Began

Nationality: Croatia
From 06/01/2019 to 14/01/2019

His cuisine is a combination of traditional Croatian-Dalmatian cuisine with Mediterranean influences. This is the concept philosophy at his restaurant Foša, immersed into the sea in the heart of the city of Zadar, overlooking the neighboring island of Ugljan, giving a unique travel through time. The chef Saša Began is leading a young staff in their creations practise infused creative freshness to traditional recipes in all dishes.

Ernesto Iaccarino

Nationality: Italy
From 13/01/2019 to 21/01/2019

He is the head chef at the legendary family’s two Michelin stars Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant, taking over from his father. Don Alfonso 1890, nestled in a 19th century Neapoletan building, reflects a philosophy that is innovative while respecting the local food culture and the old traditions of theSorrento peninsula and the Amalfi Coast. After travelling to Japan to discover the country’s food and drink, he gained a newfound respect for ingredients and he started to include international influences in his cooking.


Nationality: Croatia
From 20/01/2019 to 28/01/2019

His philosophy is based on a creative combination of tradition and innovation. He is passionateabout their gastronomic heritage and strive for excellence every day. Chef Rudolf Štefan puts emphasis on sourcing local ingredients and educating his staff at the Contemporary Pelegrini restaurant, located in the heart of Šibenik’s old town, in the seven-hundred-year-old Villa Pelegrini-Tambača, alongside the St. James Cathederal. Pelegrini’s imperative is to reinterpret traditional flavors.

Lukas Kappeller

Nationality: Austria
From 27/01/2019 to 04/02/2019

Lukas started his career in 2004 at the Restaurant Rahofer, widely known for its Mediterranean food and its remarkable location. After having spent a few years abroad, collecting a lot of experience, he opened his own restaurant in Steyr, close to his familial and cultural roots. Getting back to a familiar location supported Lukas in implementing his vision of modern cuisine, leading him to an ‘authentic kitchen’. In 2016, he closed his restaurant to explore new venues and ideas: one of those ideas is currently being realized, dedicated to providing a place for enjoyment and reflection, as Lukas aims to combine an outstanding chef’s table with the provision of luxury apartments.

Julien Gaussares

Nationality: France
From 03/02/2019 to 11/02/2019

The young chef made a remarkable entrance in the Gault Millau. He opened in2014, in the former space of a tea room bakery, the Héliantis restaurant at Massongex, that has received a 13 out of 20 at Gault et Millau after less than a year of operation. Since he was a child, food and know-how have always been important for him and the ingredient of his success is his family tradition, for whom taste, terroir and quality are values.

Andrea Sarri

Nationality: Italy
From 10/02/2019 to 18/02/2019

With over thirteen varieties of fish and produce from his family farm on the menu, Andrea Sarri has made a name for himself as one of Italy’s most accomplished chefs. He was awarded a Michelin star just one year after his namesake restaurant on the Italian Riviera opened, thanks to his light, playful style of cooking.

Lukas Nagl

Nationality: Austria
From 17/02/2019 to 25/02/2019

Nagl’s artistry has been widely recognized and under his leadership, the restaurant Bootshaus, chosen as the best restaurant in Upper Austria by Guide A la Carte 2016, has become the Salzkammergut region’s gourmet hotspot in the briefest of time. The values of today’s epicurean culture and their potential for transformation play an important role in his culinary philosophy, as do the equality between vegetables,meat or fish.

Raymond Reeb

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 24/02/2019 to 04/03/2019

n 2003 with his partner he took over Tante Kee, located on the picturesque Kaag Island with a delightful view of the Kaag lakes. Raymond Reeb updates always his menu to customize it to match the seasons, in order to work with products at their best. In every dish he puts the same effort to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Daniel Canzian

Nationality: Italy
From 03/03/2019 to 11/03/2019

Born into a family of “osti” and trained professionally in the best kitchens in Italy and France, Daniel Canzian has an illustrious career that includes working as Executive Chef in the restaurants of the Gualtiero Marchesi Group. In 2013 he opened his Daniel Restaurant in Milan and today as an expert leader, he guides his young chefs with tenacity and imagination to new culinary heights every day.

Daniele Usai

Nationality: Italy
From 10/03/2019 to 18/03/2019

After working abroad, in London and in San Francisco, and moving back to Italy, to gain experience in some of the top restaurants in Rome, he was able to turn the sleepy seaside town of Ostia into a destination for gourmands worldwide. In 2006 he opened the restaurant Il Tino, that was awarded by a Michelin star in 2014. His restaurant embodies his relaxed, simple approach to cooking local ingredients.

Massimiliano Mascia

Nationality: Italy
From 17/03/2019 to 25/03/2019

He began working in the kitchens at just 14 years old and he has important work experiences, as at Ristorante Vissani in Italy, in the United States at Osteria Fiamma in New York and in France at the multi-star court of Alain Ducasse in Paris.Today Massimiliano represents the new generation of the Michelin star restaurant San Domenico, opened in 1970, and he is also a symbol of the continuous tradition to innovate and renew while conserving the solid roots in Italian gastronomic tradition.

Jesus Monedero

Nationality: Spain
From 24/03/2019 to 01/04/2019

Jesús represents the fifth generation of bakers. He learned the trade of being a chef in different restaurants of recognized prestige and in 2009 he opened with his brother the restaurant Palio in Ocaña, where they offer a traditional Castellano-Manchega cuisine. The Michelin acknowledged their good quality with the Bib Gourmand and in 2016 they received the Metropolis Award for the Best Restaurant located outside of Madrid.

Kevin Gilliams

Nationality: France
From 31/03/2019 to 08/04/2019

He leads the family ‘Family Maison’, the bi-century restaurant gastronomique L’Aigle d’Or near Paris, founded in 1788, which stands as a French Gourmet Institution, visited also by a lot of celebrities, such as Alain Delon.

Ralph Hermans

Nationality: The Netherland
From 07/04/2019 to 15/04/2019

His style is characterized by the basis of the classic cuisine from France but with influences from Spain, Italy and Asia. He offers an innovative, high quality and creative cuisine at his restaurant Rantrée, located in Maastricht. His aim is not only surprise his guests with wine and food and excite them, but also inspire them: he wants them to experience memorable gastronomy moments.

Daniel Fehrenbacher

Nationality: Germany
From 14/04/2019 to 22/04/2019

With passion and perfect craftsmanship Daniel Fehrenbacher charms the palate of his guests with modern, cosmopolitan cuisine with classic French roots. At the Hotel Restaurant Adler, on the edge of the Black Forest, he propose an innovative local cuisine with French influences. The restaurant pays homage to both tradition and innovation and is a perfect spot to enjoy the award winning cuisine recommended for many years now by the well-known restaurant guides.

Paolo Frosio

Nationality: Italy
From 04/08/2019 to 19/08/2019

Paolo Frosio owns, together with his brother Camillo, the wonderful restaurant Frosio, inaugurated in 1990, with a nearly thirty-year history, that can be considered as one of the excellent catering establishments in Bergamo.His cuisine, made of research and passion, is specialized in meat and fish dishes, refined by numerous experiences, as the US trip to the Valentino restaurant of Piero Selvaggio, and also at the court of Georges Cogny.