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The 6th edition brings to the Maldives 39 JRE Chefs from all over Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Ireland, Romania. The list includes 7 Michelin starred Chefs and Ana Roš, named the world’s best femal chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy in 2017.

Vedran Petranović

Nationality: Croatia
From 25/12/2019 to 06/01/2020

Vedran describes his menus as a culinary journey around the Mediterranean. He uses as many local products as possible and he is constantly on the lookout for new small producers, so that he can show how much Croatia has to offer. Vedran’s need to explore and continuously travel the world to refresh and gain new culinary experiences can be felt throughout his cuisine style. Giving his guests an experience to remember, inspiring them to try new combinations and learn about products: this is the passion which feeds Vedran and drives him to constantly move forward.

Luka Gmajner & Marko Magajne

Nationality: Slovenia
From 05/01/2020 to 13/01/2020

Guided by the future, while at the same time looking to the past, together with global culinary approaches, Luka and Marko enrich the tastes of Galerija okusov. They are young, ambitious, in searching in something new, they create works of art in a truly unique atmosphere, experiencing different flavours. Their philosophy is centred on the artful coalescence of various dichotomies – namely, urban and wild, modern and traditional, local and global – which would sound slightly pretentious if it weren’t pulled off with such sincerity, aplomb and undeniable culinary acumen.

Robert Krawczyk

Nationality: Ireland
From 12/01/2020 to 20/01/2020

Born in Cork, Rob grew up in a home that revolved around the kitchen, influenced by his parents’ strong culinary and artistic heritage. After living away, West Corks’ spectacular rich larder is what has drawn Rob home to his roots, to open up a Restaurant in the heart of this beautiful area. Chestnut is an intimate 18 seater restaurant, where the menu is inspired by nature, an ever evolving menu designed around the best of the seasons ingredients. Local herbs, flowers , vegetables, meat and fish are sourced, picked, grown and foraged from West Cork and surrounding countryside. Dishes are presented as close to nature as possible allowing an honest encounter between Chef and Diner.

Ana Roš

Nationality: Slovenia
From 19/01/2020 to 27/01/2020

A self-taught cook, she helms the kitchen of Hiša Franko, a beautiful countryside house&estate which refuses to be a classical hotel or a fine dining restaurant: it is simply Hiša Franko, your home, the place where Ernest Hemingway wrote his famous novel ‘A farewell to arms’. In 2017 she was named world’s best female chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy. Her cooking style features innovative remaking of traditional recipes from the upper Soča valley region, prepared with local ingredients.

Jean Charles Boisumault

Nationality: France
From 26/01/2020 to 03/02/2020

Jean-Charles Boisumault is a true Charentais who loves his terroir. After a solid training and especially at the restaurant La Ruelle in Angoulême, Jean-Charles decided to settle down with his wife Agathe and his brother-in-law to create Le Verre y Table, located in the heart of the Charente vineyards. This brand has made a name for itself in a short time and his idea of conviviality and sharing through the kitchen quickly attracted a wide range of customers.

Grega & Sabina Repovž

Nationality: Slovenia
From 02/02/2020 to 10/02/2020

With a strongly rooted tradition, together with an ongoing search for innovation, Grega & Sabina Repovž’s desire is to take their environment to the outer world. The inspiration of the surroundings and people as well as the diverse richness of the Dolenjska region provides the conditions for the restaurant’s signature cuisine: a typical Slovenian restaurant full of warmth and memories ‘for kind souls and curious stomachs’.

Hubert Wallner

Nationality: Austria
From 09/02/2020 to 17/02/2020

With his recent “three toque” rating, Hubert Wallner has ascended into the elite league of Austria’s top chefs. Inspired by the Alpine region between lake and sea, his cuisine captivates with the lightness of his dishes. His sensitive creations are the combination of high-quality staples and extraordinary ideas. Whether domestic fish such as Wörthersee whitefish or mussels from the Adriatic, whether crawfish, Carinthian meat or a pure vegetable menu, his dishes always embody gentle, yet profound notes and an exquisite Alps-Adriatic experience.

Stefan Eder

Nationality: Austria
From 16/02/2020 to 24/02/2020

Top chef Stefan Eder and his life partner, world-champion confectioner Eveline Wild, manage one of the most exciting culinary addresses in Styria, where they offer extraordinary regional cuisine featuring the very best ingredients, simultaneously characterized by a cosmopolitan spirit of discovery. The result: “regio-global” delicacies that are as refined as they are creative, dishes that represent a combination of deeply rooted Wirtshaus cooking and an array of international influences.

Teresa Gutiérrez

Nationality: Spain
From 23/02/2020 to 03/03/2020

Teresa Gutiérrez is the owner and chef at the Azafrán Restaurant opened since October 2008. Although she began the career of Dentistry,  she discovers that her vocation was to be a chef and she trained at the School of Hostelry of Valencia and  at the School of Hostelry of Avignon. Teresa’s cuisine has Manchego roots slightly adapted to the present, respecting above all the native products such as fruits, vegetables and mushrooms of the earth, Manchego lamb, sheep cheese from La Mancha and small game meats. In January 2013, she was among the seven finalists for Cook Revelation in Madrid Fusión. In 2019, she has had the privilege of receiving the JRE National Gastronomy Award in San Sebastián for the Best National Trajectory in Cooking.

Edwin Soumang

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 01/03/2020 to 09/03/2020

Not only a Chef, Edwin gets his vinologist degree at the wine academy, always keeping striving for more and dreaming of working at the absolute international top. He gains experience in the kitchen with Michel-star awarded chefs Georges Blanc, Michel Roux, Guillaume Brahimi, Jonnie Boer and Heston Blumenthal. This mix of different styles contributes to the development of his own cooking style. Together with his partner Bethany DeLong he opens the restaurant ONE in 2007 and receive a Michelin star in 2010.

Lucas Ramstein

Nationality: France
From 08/03/20202 to 16/03/2020

After studying Electrical Engineering, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and build his experience beyond his native Alsace. After some important experiences abroad, as the prestigious Hotel Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes alongside Chef Arnaud Poëtte and the Chabichou in Courchevel in the kitchen of Chefs Michel Rochedy and Stéphane Buron, he returned to Alsace to take over the family hotel in the middle of Alsatian vineyards.

Rik Jansma

Nationality: The Netherland
From 15/03/2020 to 23/03/2020

He is named Talented Chef of the Year by Gault Millau and in 2009 his restaurant Basiliek is the highest climber in Lekker, in Netherlands. Chef Rik Jansma’s cooking style ranges from classic to modern and from French to Dutch. He likes to be as close as possible to the origin of the products he works with. Local and organic are the magic words and represents his cooking style.

Boy Schuiling

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 22/03/2020 to 30/03/2020

Chef Boy Schuiling was brought up with the love for the hospitality industry. He trains to become a specialised restaurant chef, from beach pavilion to Michelin-Starred restaurant and on to his own business. And that dream comes true.. On 2015 he opened his own restaurant: Restaurant ‘t Pakhuus, a 16th century Zaans grain warehouse completely rebuilt in the harbour of Oudeschild, the best address for fish lovers.

Logan Laug

Nationality: France
From 29/03/2020 to 06/04/2020

After 12 years in Alsace, Logan Laug returns to his native Vosges to settle in Saint-Dié in the old “Petit Chantilly”. In addition to managing the traditional family restaurant for 4 generations in Gérardmer, he runs his brand new gourmet restaurant: from its name Restaurant Logan Laug… La Table Urbaine. A natural, modern and refined address, where he offers quality products that want to be local and worked in front of the guests.

Gianni Caruso

Nationality: Belgium
From 05/04/2020 to 13/04/2020

The art of cultivating the sense of family, respect, values, a tradition which was transmitted to him by his father and his mother, it became simply a matter of course, a path for him. Gianni took over the reins of the stoves to defend his values of great products and great flavours and his Sicilian roots, bringing the Italian gastronomy to its best.

Antonio Romero

Nationality: Spain
From 12/04/2020 to 20/04/2020

The young talented chef is known as Toni Romero. After winning different cooking competitions and working in some Michelin star restaurants, he is now the head chef of Suculent restaurant in Barcelona since its opening. In Suculent he recovers and reinterprets popular flavours brought to the present in terms of execution and concept. Characterised by defined and powerful flavours, its cuisine highlights the Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine.

Jan Marees

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 19/04/2020 to 27/04/2020

Master Chef Jan Marrees has an elegant cooking style with Mediterranean and international influences. The seasons colour his menu. Together with his wife Patricia, he puts Bretelli on the map and Michelin awards them with a star. In 2018 Jan and Patricia start Restaurant Marrees, the restaurant where they themselves would like to be guests every day.

Julien Gaussares

Nationality: Switzerland
From 26/04/2020 to 05/05/2020

Julien Gaussares is a lovers of the garden and the farm, lovers of the terroir, keen to offer healthy and environmentally friendly cuisine in his restaurant in an authentic and intimate setting. It is the passion for fresh and local produce that led Julien Gaussares, after a few years of cooking in 3-star restaurants, to open his own restaurant with his wife in the heart of the Chablais region, where he offers a cuisine composed of fine products where everything is homemade.

Thomas Dolp

Nationality: Switzerland
From 26/07/2020 to 03/08/2020

Thomas Dolp’s cooking style is young and contempory, without forgetting the traditional values of his roots which lay in the Swiss cuisine. Not only the quality, naturalness and regionality of the ingredients are the basis of his creations, but also Thomas finds his inspirantion through his travels. Depending on the destinations visited his dishes might have a touch of the Asian, Oriental or Mediterrean cuisine.

Lukas Kienbauer

Nationality: Austria
From 02/08/2020 to 10/08/2020

He is one of the major shooting stars of the Austrian gourmet scene. The success of his Lukas Restaurant, located in the historic centre of Schärding, is guaranteed by the effective combination of creative cooking, professional yet youthfully-fresh service and a thoroughly cosy atmosphere. Here there is no printed menu, his surprise menus are individually tailored, whilst naturalness, seasonality, innovation and intensity of flavour are the unifying credo.

Davide Maci

Nationality: Italy
From 09/08/2020 to 17/08/2020

After his intense London experience, Davide began his very personal adventure in his restaurant The Market Place in Como, where he puts a few simple principles into practice, linked to the craftsmanship of his creations and the idea of “homemade”, that is self-produced. Bread, fresh pasta and curd are rigorously produced in the restaurant own cooking laboratory. His cuisine reflects a great expressive elegance, together with a pragmatic approach that combines territorial references, proposed in a secular and disenchanted way. He offers a real journey through taste, keeping the value and the narrative intact, without upsetting it.

Paolo Frosio

Nationality: Italy
From 16/08/2020 to 24/08/2020

Entering in his Michelin star restaurant Frosio, in a splendid eighteenth-century villa halfway Bergamo and Almenno San Salvatore, anyone can immediately perceive the entire history of a family that did not leave space for exoticism and did not surrender to momentary fads. With the concreteness of who has solid roots and interests of an open mind, Paolo, together with his brother Camillo, follows his way preserving memory and curiosity. He serves reassuringly familiar dishes with a classic-modern feel, often made from traditionally “gourmet” ingredients.

Dario Guidi

Nationality: Italy
From 23/08/2020 to 31/08/2020

Antica Osteria Magenes is a result of a centenary story of conviviality, cult and processing of territory products, made far back in the past by Dario’s family. Creativity and innovation, tradition and territory: they represent the vital lymph of his philosophy, together with the purpose of delighting his guests. On one side, his being contemporary, as a result of an endless curiosity and a devoted openness to experimentation, on the other, the recipes of his history and territory. Dario believes that “If you don’t know from where you leave, you’ll never know where you arrive!”

Didier Bourdeaux

Nationality: Belgium
From 30/08/2020 to 07/09/2020

At Maison D. we particularly like to look to the future, even though our basic principle has been and remains since the start: bringing affordable gastronomy. After gaining experience in many famous restaurants, Didier Bourdeaux opened his restaurant just a few years ago and is star has risen ever since. On the plate, local products and regional delicacies all prepared in a contemporary style in which the essence of the flavour and taste is respected.

Juan Carlos Ferrando

Nationality: Spain
From 06/09/2020 to 14/09/2020

Born in Buenos Aires, Juan Carlos Ferrando learned to cook following the canons of French cuisine and then he started the great project of his life: the Juan Carlos Ferrando restaurant in Logroño. The cooking of Juan Carlos Ferrando is traditional and innovative in equal parts. With Rioja, Basque and French inspiration with an excellent seasonal product. The result is a seemingly simple kitchen, with 3 or 4 ingredients per dish treated with an impeccable technique. A cooking where you see and know what you eat. No need for explanations.

Markus Pape

Nationality: Germany
From 13/09/2020 to 21/09/2020

Markus Pape grew up in Sauerland, inspired by his grandmother‘s cooking style, that gave him a sense of the gems the guests can find in his own garden. He runs the kitchen of the Meisenheimer Hof, spoiling his guests with regional delights, just like his grandmother used to do. Located in the historic town of Meisenheim, in the most important wine growing region of Germany, his restaurant has its own winery and the guests can enjoy the wine in the wine bar or in the wine cellar of the house.

Emanuela Donalisio

Nationality: Italy
From 20/09/2020 to 28/09/2020

In his restaurant Il Giardino del Gusto in Ventimiglia, Emanuele created a refined kitchen with a lot of details, starting with the use of fresh products bought daily from the nearby market or directly from local vegetable and fruit growers. There is certainly no lack of amazing fish products and he works with the best meat of the region to complete a range of dishes of great aesthetic and flavours.
Being a chef for him means to turn sensations and emotions into dishes and make it re-emerge with scents and tastes. There is nothing better than fresh dishes that smell like the sea, as if you were in an olive grove at the seaside.

Daniel Lehmann

Nationality: Switzerland
From 27/09/2020 to 05/10/2020

Driven by values as family, friendly and uncomplicated hospitality, the chef runs the restaurant Moosegg at the height of almost 1,000 meters with a wonderful view over the Emmental and the Bernese Alps. For Daniel it is very important to process regional and national products of the highest quality and combine them with international delicacies.

Giulio Coppola

Nationality: Italy
From 04/10/2020 to 12/10/2020

Food is passion and in the kitchen there is an ethics of food, that in his restaurant La Galleria in Gragnano, near Naples, Giulio promotes since the beginning. The excellent quality of the raw materials is the basis of his cooking philosophy. Neapolitan spirit, experimental cuisine, with a strong attachment to his land. From the moment he chooses the first ingredient until the end of the dish preparation, Giulio lives in a magical atmosphere in which concentration, creativity and passion are mixed. The result is a small work of art he always feels proud of. He believes that ‘the true essence of all the things we do is love, which is the food of the soul.

Jeroen Sportel

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 11/10/2020 to 19/10/2020

For Jeroen, cooking is a true passion. He always tries to be innovative in his dishes. French cuisine is his starting point, but influences from other continents, in particular Asia, and are a great source of inspiration for his cooking style, providing surprising flavour combinations. In his restaurant Vive La Vie he offers the classic French cuisine with Asian influences from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, serving dishes that take the guests to faraway places. It’s the best place to relax, leave the busy city life far behind and taste the passion…in short: Vive La Vie!

Oliver Röder

Nationality: Germany
From 18/10/2020 to 26/10/2020

Head chef in gourmet restaurant “Bembergs Häuschen” in the former 18th century estate, where the motto is: gourmet delights served with a touch of humour. Oliver Röder presents his guests with his own interpretation of German cuisine and gives free rein to his creativity. The basis of his cuisine are the best genuine, regional and fresh products the Eifel and Rhein/Sieg regions have to offer. He interpretes the “Eifel culinary art” at the highest level in a modern way and prepared honestly and unadulterated, to please enthusiasts of down-to-earth dishes as well as of upscale cuisine.

Leonardo Vescera

Nationality: Italy
From 25/10/2020 to 02/11/2020

Leonardo’s dream was to make people eat in the middle of the sea: with Il Capriccio restaurant his dream came true. Il Capriccio of Vieste is one of the best restaurants in the Gargano, in Puglia, where, in an incomparable way, the chef enhances the characteristics of the Gargano promontory, in a unique atmosphere with live music and dynamic culture. He realized the art of culinary globalization, how to combine the refinement of French cuisine, the Japanese technique of sushi masters, with the Italian creativity. A cuisine that he likes to call ‘fusion’, combining different flavors and methodologies.

Roland Suciu

Nationality: Romania
From 01/11/2020 to 09/11/2020

He promotes a contemporary kitchen that supports a healthy lifestyle and an experience that nourishes the body and soul to the same extent. His restaurant Baracca is the place where architecture, design and passion for life offer the perfect setting to demonstrate the love for gastronomy and quality ingredients. Baracca is the place where life is celebrated every moment!

Oscar Ferré

Nationality: Spain
From 08/11/2020 to 16/11/2020

After working in several renowned restaurants and hotels in Barcelona, he decided to create his own project, LAB Restaurant, where he could express his most creative side. LAB is more than a restaurant, it is his center and laboratory, where he can explore, create and innovate. In short, a place where he can unleash his imagination without following established rules and where he can offer his guests an original, different and surprising experience.

Heribert Dietrich

Nationality: Switzerland
From 15/11/2020 to 23/11/2020

The restaurant Gasthaus Höhwald, located in the small Walser village of Monbiel at 1300 m altitude, under his management has been awarded one Michelin star and 15 points in the Gault and Millau Guide. He offers a regional and authentic cuisine, using local products from natural production. The ingredients protagonist of his dishes are sourced from suppliers who share his sustainability philosophy.

Michael Kolm

Nationality: Austria
From 22/11/2020 to 30/11/2020

“Waldviertel, seasoned with the world” – this is the inspiring and likewise exciting motto of Michael Kolm. The passionate chef is far from a stranger to the exotic, which he then combines boldly and imaginatively with Waldviertel traditions. In this way, guests are able to enjoy many culinary surprises and imaginative creations with products from all corners of the globe.

Jermain de Rozario

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 29/11/2020 to 07/12/2020

Jermain opened Restaurant De Rozario at the location where he once started as an apprentice. Cooking with the head and with the heart brought him to be awarded with a second Michelin star. Characterized by a very own signature and own vision, he likes crossing borders and playing with flavours and sensations. A classic kitchen with an Asian twist. In his dishes, he lets the seasons speak, but, most importantly, he lets his heart speak. From sketching to cooking, from tasting to experiencing, his dishes are unique and have a soul and a story.

Jo Grootaerts

Nationality: Belgium
From 06/12/2020 to 14/12/2020

He was only 19 when he joined the Altermezzo Brigade to develop a highly technical and creative style of cooking. In 2018, he was awarded the prize of the best young chef of the year by the Michelin Guide. The same year, the Guide gives him his first star. Today Jo Grootaers, 28 years old and chef at the Altermezzo restaurant, shares his culinary world with creative dishes and intuitive recipes. What stimulate the senses of lovers and gourmets.

Laurent Smallegange

Nationality: The Netherlands
From 14/12/2020 to 21/12/2020

At 14 years of age Laurent Smallegange love for fine foods was flamed between the vegetables, fresh fish and meats and dishes of his father and mothers restaurant. He completed his education at Ter Groene Poorte in Bruges (Belgium) and started working at well renowned restaurants. Smallegange was 22 years old when he takes over Restaurant Spetters. In 2013 the team of Spetters gets rewarded with a Michelin star. In 2015, Gault Millau declares Smallegange ‘Promise of the Year’ and in 2017, Spetters wins the international JRE Heritage Award.