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Fresh ginger fish

From Diamonds Athuruga
Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Low


  • Ginger = 3 pieces, grated
  • Zucchini = 8 slices
  • Lime = 1, cut in half
  • Fish = 150g, Jack fish
  • Butter = one big spoon
  • Onion = 4 pieces, marinated in vinegar
  • Fish stock = 1 bowl, made with fish, water and oil
  • Wine = half glass
  • Salt = half spoon



  1.    Melt the butter in the pan with the small fire
  2.    Cover the fish with Zucchini on top and put the fish in the pan with butter. Still small fire.
  3.    Add the stock on fish, 1 cm over the fish. The fire should go up while adding the stoke and go down after.
  4.    Add wine, salt, lime juice(squeeze the lime) and ginger juice(squeeze the grated ginger). In the meanwhile, the fire goes up and down again.
  5.    Cover the pan with a small fire for one minute.



Put the fish on the plate first. Drizzle with sauce. Top with marinated onion.




Time preparation:

30 minutes

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